What is the difference between SAP and Oracle ?

Difference Between what SAP and Oracle?

SAP was initially been an ERP product focused on business modules like finance, basis, mm, retail, sales, etc and then human relationship management, customer relationship management. Supply relationship management etc. However, it acquired Business Things which was a business intelligence solution and made a good space in this area as well. SAP had no database of its own but used Oracle, Microsoft IBM DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, Teradata, Informix, etc. Later on, it acquired Sybase and had no database of its own. It also came up with its in-house database product called HANA which is an in-memory database for fast retrieval of real-time data.

Oracle is a significant and old database vendor and also provides business modules like financial EBS(Enterprise Business Solutions) and others. It acquired People soft, a leading HR solution, JDE, Siebel to make a strong foothold in sales, payroll, and many others.

  1. Sector
  2. Functionality
  3. Languages
  4. Definition
  5. Key Area
  6. Functional Area
  7. Product
  8. Cost 

1) Sector

2) Functionality

3) Languages

4) Definition

5) Key Area

6) Functional Area

7) Product


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