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SAP Identity Management IDM

 SAP Identity Management (IDM)
 Describing SAP Identity Management
 SAP ldM Architecture
 Installation of SAP ldM 7.2 and 8.0
 Installing the Identity Center Database
 Installing and Configuring the Identity Management User Interface
 Defining the JDBC Connection for the JMX Layer
 Configuring the JMX Layer (Java System Properties)
 Initial Configuration of IdM
 SAP ldM Data Model
 Create an Identity Store and Custom Attributes
 Adding user to the Identity Store
 General Access (Self Services Tab)
 Access to Monitoring (Monitoring Tab)
 Configuring the Language Settings for the Identity Management User Interface
 General Access to Identity Management User Interface
 Access to Manager and Administrator Tabs
 Integrating Identity Management User Interface in the SAP NetWeaver Portal
 Importing Predefined Contents for the SAP NetWeaver Portal
 Verifying the Portal Integration of the Identity Management User Interface
 Connect to SAP ldM
 Import SAP Delivered Packages


 Creating Forms
 Import SAP Delivered Forms
 Create a Form
 Create and Modify Form
 Customizing Search Results
 Implement a Default Search Form and Customize Search Results
 Implementing a Custom User Interface


 Creating Jobs
 Create a Job Definition
 Enable Delta Functionality
 Creating a Repository
 Creating Repository Jobs
 Run a Repository Job
 Implementing Scripts
 Create a Script
 Link a Script

Provisioning and Workflow

 Creating Processes
 Extend the Process
 Attach a Process to a Form
 Auditing the Task Execution Process
 Use the Provisioning Audit
 Describing the SAP Provisioning Framework
 Assigning Privileges
 Provision a User and Assign Privileges
 How to maintain SAP HANA privileges
 SAP HANA authorization concept


 Creating Business Roles
 Create and Assign Business Roles
 Defining Automatic Role Assignments
 Create and Recalculate Dynamic Groups

Approval Workflow

 Deactivate a user
 Configuring Approval Workflows
 Implement an Approval Workflow
 Sending Notifications
 Activate Approval Notification
 Customize Standard Message Templates
 Storing Information with Pending Value Objects (PVO) and Context Variables
 Access Context Variables
 Implementing Automatic Approve/Decline of Role Requests
 Implement Automatic Approve/Decline

Context-Based Assignments

 Installation of SAP HANA Multi-Tenant DB
 Defining Context
 Create a Context Type
 Creating Guided Activity Tasks
 Create a Guided Task to Request Roles
 Provisioning Context Toward Backend Systems
 Provision Context
 Assigning Automatic and Conditional Context
 Use Automatic Context
 Use Conditional Context

SAP ldM and Other SAP Systems

 Provisioning a User to AS ABAP
 Provisioning a User to AS JAVA
 Provisioning a User to AD

Advanced Tasks

 Run Housekeeping Procedures
 Accessing the Identity Center Database
 Browse the Table Structure
 Debugging Entries
 Configure the Trace Entry Type
 Optimizing the Performance of SAP ldM
 Perform the SQL Performance Trace
 Explaining the Reporting Tools
 Create an ldM Report
 Resetting Passwords

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