10 Must Know ABAP Skills

10 Must Know ABAP Skills

10 Must Know ABAP Skills

After coming into in the SAP arena, earlier I accustomed assume as a Coyote State purposeful authority, you ought to be master of own topic. you ought to understand Coyote State business processes likewise as SPRO a part of Coyote State module & its ulterior impact to finish user. sap training in Hyderabad used to be living in an exceedingly wrong assumption, so as to survive likewise as surpass in SAP field, you ought to have command over SAP Coyote State solely to not understand programing language of SAP i.e. ABAP.
However whereas handling consumer demand or resolution their tickets, any time I got stuck thanks to lack of information of ABAP talent set. Over the amount of your time, I noticed that a flavor of ABAP is should have ingredient to be an ideal SAP purposeful authority.
By understanding utility of this subject I made a decision to jot down a journal on this & publish on SCN, career section, so all entry-level likewise as mid-level SAP professionals will enhance their SAP ABAP skills & add power to their SAP career.

1) Knowledge of SAP Tables

this is often the primary talent a purposeful authority should have. As we have a tendency to all understand, SAP Globe system stores all information within the type of tables. therefore it becomes necessary for the U.S.A., once we perform any dealing, during which table information goes. information of tables can assist you in preparation of purposeful Specification that we offer to technical authority. information on the table helps the U.S.A. to trace errors retrieval operations.


Whenever there’s mass transfer of information to SAP system, information of those information transfer technique becomes the handy tool for purposeful authority. whereas handling BDC’s tho’ purposeful authority not purported to write code of BDC, however, a minimum of they ought to respond to SHDB & recording.

3) Functional Specification preparation

Whenever consumer provides U.S.A. a demand that can’t be consummated through customary SAP configuration, we’ve got to travel for Z development with the assistance of ABAP authority. At that point, purposeful authority interacts with client & understands his demand. These needs get transmitted to ABAP authority with the assistance of purposeful specification. For the preparation of a similar, you have got to supply table name fields, a logic of development, if conditions to be used, loops to be used etc. tho’ it seems to be terribly walk in the park, however, preparation of purposeful specification needed a heap of skills.

4) Interface & EDI 

Whenever the SAP system interacts with another SAP or non-SAP system, information transmission takes place through EDI i.e. Electronic information Interchange.EDI is that the computer-to-computer electronic exchange of machine-processable business documents in an exceedingly customary format. Knowledge of interface technologies like I-Doc becomes imperative once we square measure handling the consumer that is handling its vendors & customers through electronic transmission of information.

5) Query 

this is often a handy tool if you wish to form any low report having few numbers of fields from one table or connection 2 tables. If you recognize this tool, while not the assistance of ABAP authority you’ll produce any low report & satisfy client’s demand.

6) Debugging 

In day to day operation, within the absence of the desired output from a dealing, it becomes terribly vital to seek out root reason for the given issue. At that point, this talent will act as magic. Debugging can assist you to seek out out ape-man. tho’ this is often tool has a heap of utility, however, it’s tough to use.

7) Smartforms 

where there’s print output, there’s a smart form. If you’re in support operation, you may face the majority of print output issue. Ex. –Invoice Prints Prints. Smartform has three driving components: Print Program, Layout Set and the performance module. information of those can assist you to resolve issue quick, a minimum of you’ll make a case for issue quick to ABAP authority.

8) SAP Notes 

SAP Notes square measure provided by SAP itself as a correction in code. SAP Notes contains directions to get rid of errors from the SAP System. SAP Notes are often searched supported Note variety, an Application element, and Implementation standing. dealing Code is NOTE.

9) Variants 

Variants square measure computer file that square measure stuffed within the choice screen and so saved so at runtime the variant are often elect and so the whole choice screen is full of the specified values.

10) Creating Z T-Codes

For any operations/transactions, in SAP system you’ll produce ‘Z’ ‘T-Codes as per consumer demand.