SAP MM(Material Management ) Role in the Business Method is as Follows:

A business process in SAP is termed as “Module”. SAP Material Management (MM) is a part of Logistics field and helps to manage the procurement activity of a group from procurement. It promotes all aspects of (MM) Material Management  (control, planning etc).

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SAP Material Management (MM) is one of the important modules in SAP ERP software and MM application module helps the procurement and inventory functions occurring in day-to-day company operations. This Material Management module consists of several facets such as collecting, goods receiving, material area, consumption-based planning, and inventory. SAP Material Management (MM)  module is completely integrated with other modules in the SAP R/3 System such as Finance (FI), Controlling (CO), Sales and Distribution (SD), Quality Management module(QM), SAP PM (Plant Maintenance), SAP PP module(Production Planning), and SAP WM module (Warehouse Management).

It supports all phases of MM (Material Management) material planning and control, purchasing, items getting, inventory management, and invoice verification


  • Plant
  • Assessment location
  • Storage locations
  • Buying organizations
  • Purchasing groups


  • Material Planning.
  • Buying.
  • Stock Management.
  • Vendor Valuation.
  • Invoice Verification.
  • Statutory Requirements.
  • Procurement Process.

One of the crucial procedure in SAP MM module is Purchasing/Procurement. The purchasing procedure is at first started when there is a requirement of material/service for the organization. If these material/ services cannot be obtained from business’s internal resource, the liable individual of that organization has to discover the vendor/supplier which can offer it on the fixed date. The buying method is Started with the production of Purchase Requisition (PR), Purchase Order (PO), Good Receipt/Services, Invoice Verification, Amount to vendors.


SAP Material Management (MM) module is a part of logistics and it helps in managing end to end procurements and logistics business process. The main points you can obtain in the Material Management module request in SAP, obtaining orders, goods receipt, accounts payable, inventory management, BOM’s and master raw material, performed goods etc.

Requisitions in SAP Material Management module is a record created for the buying of goods or services, it is sent out to acquisition office for the issuance of an order. Support exceeding particular quantity must merchant dealing in SAP Material Management module. There are two means of placing requisition either with SAPGUI or SAP web.

An order is a proper document issued as a commitment to the merchant to supply discussed material in the defined quantity together with shipping information and requirements. The licensed merchant list is performed while generating purchase order as per material and plant of the organization  What is sap mm? | sap material management module.