Best SAP MM Course Training Institute in Hyderabad,Madhapur,Ameerpet

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SAP MM Course Training Institute in Madhapur, Hyderabad

SAP MM – Material management utilized through purchase department .It  mainly works for procurement of raw materials and inventory management systems and  sap institute in Hyderabad.

It also allows you to work in the area of material requirement planning (mrp).The  master data in MM module  relates to materials and vendors.The purchase organization is created as per the requirement of client company  and  it focus on procurement of materials  according to the needs of  the plant sap institute in hyderabad.

We provide best SAP MM Course training at our SAP institute in Madhapur, Ameerpet, Dilshuknagar, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad with experienced SAP trainers.SAP Globe is the top SAP institute in Hyderabad which provides best placements with live projects since many years and got applauded from many students and sap institute in hyderabad.

Who can Learn SAP MM Course?
* Fresh graduates  with B.Tech Mechanical background
* Working professionals/ end-users
* People who are working in manufacturing  firms/companies

SAP MM Course Content:

S.No Component Component Details
1. SAP Navigation • Login
• Sessions
• SAP Screens
• Features of SAP Navigations
2. SAP-MM Overview • Organization Data
• Master Data
• Transactions
• Reports
• Integration with other modules
3. Organization Data • Creation of Plant
• Storage Location
• Purchase Organization
• Standard Purchase Organization
• Reference Purchase Organization
• Purchase Groups and Assignment
Master Data
4. Material Master • Material Types
• Groups
• Ranges
• Assignment of Number Ranges to Material Types
• Creation of Materials Master
• Material Groups
• Change and display of Material Master etc.
5. Vendor Master • Vendor Account Group
• Number Ranges
• Assignment of Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups
• Creation of Vendor Master
• One time Vendor
• Change and display of Vendor Master etc.
6. Purchase Info Record • Number Range for Info record
• Creation of Info record with and without plant etc.
• Change and display of Info record etc.
7. Source List • Maintaining of Source list
• Internal procurement
• External procurement
• Allowable sources
• Fixed sources and blocked sources
• Change of source list etc.
8. MRP Overview • MRP controller
• MRP Run
• Manual Reorder point planning
• Automatic PR create
9. Purchase Requisition • Number Range for PR
• PR pre requisite
• Requisition or Tracking No.
• Source Determination
• Assignment of source
• Comparison of Info records
• Price simulation
• Change of PR
• Display of PR etc.
10. Request for Quotation • Number Range for RFQs
• RFQs with reference to PR
• RFQs without reference
• RFQ to multiple vendors
• Collective No. for RFQ etc.
• Change and display of RFQ.
11. Quotations • Maintaining Quotations
• Rejection of quotation
• Change and display of quotation
12. Price Comparison of Quotations • Comparison of quotations with mean price
• Maximum price and minimum price
• Use of collective number for comparison
13. Purchase order • Number range for Purchase order
• PO creation
• Po with reference to PR
• Quotation
• Contract and other PO
• Change of PO
• Display of PO
• PO for non-stock item
• PO history etc.
14. Release Procedure • Release Groups
• Release codes
• Release Strategy
15. Outline agreements • Number range for Contracts
• Value contract
• Quantity Contract
• Release of PO with reference to contract
• Validity of contract
• Contracts with Reference purchase organization
• Number range for Scheduling Agreements
• Creation of scheduling agreements
• Delivery schedule
• Features of SA etc.
16. Purchasing Optimization • Creation of Automatic PO
• Pre requisites for creation of Automatic PO etc
• Pricing procedure
• Release strategies for purchase documents.
17. Goods Receipt • Number range for material documents
• Movement types
• Creation of Goods Receipt
• Partial qty receipt
• Different stock types for GR
• Reversal of GR
• Cancellation of GR
• Accounting Documents etc.
18. Goods Issue • GI document
• Accounting document
• Cost center etc.
19. Stock Transfers • Transfer of goods
• Goods movements
• Transfer posting and stock transfer
• Stock transfer between Storage locations
• Plants and Company codes
• ST with reference to Stock transport Order
• One step transfers
• 2 step transfers
20. Physical Inventory • Physical Inventory process
• Sessions etc
21. Other Topics in inventory • Batch management
• Shelf life of materials
• Auto Po for GR etc.
22. Invoice Verification • Invoice verification
• Credit Memos
• Subsequent Debits and Subsequent Credits
• Parking of Invoices
• Blocking and Release of Invoices
• ERS etc.
23. Special Procurement Process • Management of special stocks
• Consignments
• Pipeline Materials
• Sub contracting Process
• Returnable transport packaging etc.
24. Valuation and Account Determination • Valuation
• Average Price
• Standard Price
• Split Valuation
• Complete Automatic Account Determination
25. External Services Management • Introduction to ESM
• Organizational status of Service Category
• Service Master
• Service PO with Service Master
• Service Entry Sheet
• Service Entry acceptance
• Invoice Verification with SES

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